Nice little quiz from Buzzfeed about how good an individual is at remembering names.  

Us PR folk are supposed to be "people people" (urgh), socialising, connecting with folks; being approachable and friendly is all part of our every day life.    

And, for me, remembering someones name is central to forging great, long lasting relationships.  We have all felt it. That "million dollar" feeling when someone we assume won't recognise us from a bag of bananas, not only remembers us BUT uses our name. 


That glow is brilliant.  It makes us feel brilliant and it makes us want to do brilliant things.  And that is a great thing to harness in an industry when convincing people about our ideas, concepts and campaigns is central to our success.

So, my clarion call to you (Jane, Araminta, Zeus) is USE peoples names when you meet them!  Get good at names!

And if you are rubbish at names - practice (there are loads of techniques out there), this quiz is a great start!!