We are all looking for that magical work/life balance, almost the same way some scientists are looking for alien life. It's something we know is theoretically possible, but only a few of us have encountered it (similar to only a few scientists having "evidence" of alien life - I'm thinking methane on Mars and WOW! signal here).

Why is that? Why is such a seemingly simple thing so out of reach for so many?

I believe this happens because of this constant battle between the "work" and the "life" parts of the formula.

Many forget that the "work" bit is as much part of the "life" bit, as are eating, travelling, and enjoying hobbies. The reason we are still calling it a "work/life" balance escapes me. Surely a "work/leisure" balance would be a more fitting name?

I believe it is time to stop treating work as something you'd juxtapose to life, and start looking at it as part of life, to treat it the same way you would treat your hobbies. And what do you do in life to be happy? What are hobbies, essentially? They are things you <u>love</u>. So start loving your work and working in a job you love, as this looks like the quickest way to achieve that balance. 

Time magazine came up with a slightly different name for this, which might reflect a little better the place of love in finding balance. They are pitting it against the feeling of loathe, rather than work. They might be onto something. As for alien life - I'd leave it to science.