It is often true that we feel like we have to be all things to all people and to know absolutely everything in order to succeed. 

In fact, what takes even more strength is recongising your own weaknesses and bringing in experts to help in times where there are gaps in knowledge.  

So it was with interest that I read about Michelle McEttrick's experience in joining retail giant Tesco. She saw that her biggest strength was her 'outsider' perspective on the retail industry and recognised that her role in building the brand did not depend on her having in-depth knowledge of the sector. Instead she has surrounded herself with a team built of experts that complement each other and bring a range of experiences that build on her own. 

Sometimes the hardest thing we can do is ask for help when we feel like it shows weakness, but it takes a lot of strength to lead this way. Fresh perspectives and different experiences breed new ideas and bringing the right people together can be the winning formula to business success.