If it makes no difference whether Theresa May negotiates with the EU in good faith, or agrees to bomb Russia on the condition she gets $1bn in used notes and her own personal Caribbean island, then this story is not important.

But if it matters who your leaders are, and what they do in your name, then this campaign touches an issue which is arguably the most important of our lifetime. Democracy needs media that can be trusted to tell the truth to power - without it, how would we know who to vote for?

The massive spike in Fake News - driven by bad actors, uncensored publishing and ubiquitous digital media has divided society into mobs that don't talk to each other; on era defining issues such as Trump, Brexit and Islamism, so we have made it hard to maintain healthy societal norms. 

TBWA/Chiat/Day NY and their client, the Columbia Journalism Review have shined a critical eye on the public, and are forcing us to acknowledge we need to be able to read more critically and accept perspectives that might not be our own - when they are based in fact.

Credit where it's due - the execution of this campaign is really quite good. I love the realism of the news stand, the quality of the magazine cover designs, and the genuinely valuable content. 

I think they could have been braver - created more of a splash; but I'm nit-picking - this is really good work, and any consequential action taken to solve this problem, is time and money well spent.