Whilst I am just about to go on my 'summer' holiday (who's with me in thinking August was a crazy busy month?!), many of the faces on the tube this morning showed that a lot of people are returning to work after their own summer holidays - and I can tell you one thing, they didn't look happy about it. 

I'm sure I am not alone in always being surprised at how quickly that holiday glow can disappear when returning to the daily grind. But what if there was something that we could all do about it? Instead of despairing that it's all over, perhaps we should try to embrace the big return as an opportunity to switch things up a little with a fresh perspective. 

Back in January, after returning to work from the Christmas break and a bout of the Australian Flu (let's hope that never returns again...) I found myself being dragged down by the thought of doing the same thing day in, day out. Let's face it,  having been at Flagship almost years my routine hadn't changed in a long time. So I took stock and realised that a small change could make a big difference. Since then, I work from home every Wednesday; taking the time out of the office to stretch my brain, focus on bigger tasks and get stuck in to meaty challenges that I could not focus on in the office environment. And I'll tell you what, not only does this break up the routine and allow me to skip the Northern Line one day a week, but it also gives a much-needed energy boost mid-week.

So, for those readers who have returned or are gearing up to return after a break, this article may provide the little push needed to change things up. And if you find yourself making a small change that keeps the health, humour and happiness of your holiday alive, feel free to thank me later.