I know we are probably beginning to tire of football-related blogs so forgive me for using Harry Kane as a reason for a 'thought' about leadership. But I am a Spurs fan after all and when one reads that his team mates say he is inspirational because he leads by example, then it is worth a look at what that means.

This article explores the many facets of leadership and the traits bosses should exhibit but it also says that we are all different and cannot possibly adopt them all. But it does say that we can all be better leaders if we focus on a core strength and build on it, be authentic AND acknowledge competencies that one needs to develop. 

For example it explores the importance of being open, listening, and being seen to behave in a genuine and value-led way, but that is very difficult if leaders are locked away in meetings or in their private office. Our client Steelcase researched the behaviours of leaders and as a result changed the layout of their executive offices so that they were more accessible, visible and could have those quick catch up conversations that employees valued - https://www.fastcompany.com/3066391/how-steelcase-rearranged-its-workplace-to-create-a-purposeful-office.

They call their space the Learning and Innovation Centre as they believe this approach also fosters a better environment for encouraging creativity.

I am not sure the England football team needs to re-engineer space after all Harry Kane's way of being inspirational is probably simpler - he certainly walks the walk, he just scores goals!!