Alongside travel, regular readers of my posts will notice that I also like to write about creativity and work-life balance. So when I came across this article on The Pool, it struck a chord.

It tackles the, now regular, problem of brain burnout and how mindless tasks can actually help rather than hinder productivity. Benefits of undertaking mindless admin is not something that you often hear; usually its about how we can fit even more into our days, and how we can make sure we keep that hamster wheel turning.

Frankly, it's time that we give ourselves a break every now and then. The guilt that sets in when we spend half an hour reading interesting (or not so interesting) articles on the internet, scrolling through Twitter feeds and maybe even squeezing in a browse of Whistles' latest collection, needn't impact us the way it does. 

Every brain needs time to rest, recover and recharge. And if mindless tasks help us to do that then I'm all for it, and we shouldn't make others feel guilty for doing it either. We need to accept that we are not super-human and instead treat our brains with the care and love that will keep the ideas flowing. If we don't, where will that next award-winning idea or solution to that niggling business problem come from?

Now, I'm going to take five minutes to catch up on the latest Love Island gossip. It's only a matter of time before that next brainwave hits.