I am currently reading a book called The Leadership Class which analyses the results of truly top sports teams to find the winning formula - and yes you have guessed it by the title, it is a lot to do with the leaders in the team.

By and large it is the captains who are highlighted. Their example on and off the 'field', their work rate and their behaviour in unfailingly putting the team before themselves is what sets them apart. They are often not the superstars but the selfless game-makers. The great footballer Pele was never a captain but throughout his playing years was unstintingly served by captains that allowed him to play at his best.

So it will be interesting to see how Harry Kane grows into the England captaincy - he is a superstar but seems grounded and I have noted (and maybe he is well media trained) that he does say 'we' in interviews. Hopefully he will deliver what Gareth Southgate is looking for - a winning team!!