I think it's safe to admit that we openly talk about the podcasts/documentaries/interesting cultural exhibits we have recently seen, but don't mention the other hours spent surfing social media or casually checking up on the gossip pages. Of course we all feel good stocking up on all of the political and economic news, but one Guardian writer has questioned whether we are doing ourselves some harm when we constantly consume information.

Oliver Burkeman points to the fact that the brain needs quiet, but the trouble with the constant stem of information is that it never gets any. Podcasts and news apps, and the other endless ways to consume information, means that times that were once 'quiet' time (exercise, the walk to work, doing the washing up) have become times when our brains are constantly engaged. 

While it can never be a bad thing to learn more and build knowledge, Burkeman is right that our brains need some time to digest. Mindfulness has continually crept up the news/well-being agenda in the last couple of years and it's all about living in the moment. Studies have credited it with having amazing capabilities to aid our stress-filled society  - but how can we achieve mindfulness when we are always plugged into something?