Money towards incredible Airbnb's around the world, freedom to work poolside while travelling, or even unlimited paid holiday leave - where do I sign up?

Employees of today, particularly millennials are looking for jobs with companies who offer more than just your average work perks and companies are starting to get the message loud and clear. 

Priorities have shifted from past to present generations in the workplace and young workers are now looking beyond a free breakfast or discounted gym membership. 

Imagine how much more productive employees would be if they had access to a relaxed vacation policy. Companies like Netflix, LinkedIn and Virgin offer their staff "more flexibility and a sense of empowerment" with their unlimited holiday concept. Those who have put this policy into action have noted that staff are willing to work harder and show more dedication to the business. 

While a "whenever/wherever" vacation may be nice, some are happy enough to bring their dog to work - another perk that more and more companies are offering. With countless studies showing that pets in the workplace help to boost office morale, companies are starting to go off-leash (so to speak) when it comes to furry freedom. 

While I personally would be more inclined to have cats wondering the office, a puppy will do the trick!