Despite political change and uncertainty looming over the nation, Brits are officially a little bit happier in 2017!

This is according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which today revealed the average ratings of ‘life satisfaction’ and ‘happiness’ were at their highest levels in the year ending March 2017 since it began measuring personal well-being in 2011.

During this period, the ONS states that employment rates rose and people have become more positive about their financial situations and the economy overall – all of which play a part in boosting Brits’ sense of personal well-being. Reading these stats has certainly brought a smile to my face.

But could this more upbeat outlook also be the result of a generational shift?

The ONS research isn’t the only study released today on well-being and self-worth. Findings from the BBC's biggest ever survey of the attitudes of young millennials were also launched today and revealed that, despite older people being pessimistic about the future for Generation Z, the people most positive about their own future are 16 to 22-year-olds. What’s more, 59% of Gen Z’s believe their lives will be better than the previous generation.

From my perspective, what these studies show is that we could all do with a bit more positivity in the media. Younger generations are more optimistic about the future and as our attitudes change – ever so slightly – perhaps it’s time we started shouting more about the good stuff than reporting the doom and gloom.