If my father had suggested coming on a gap year with me when I was 24, I would have been horrified! In those days parents fitted firmly into a pigeonhole labelled 'past it'.

It is delightful to see the huge affection, admiration and respect that Micheal and Jack Whitehall have for each other in the Netflix series 'Travels with my Father'. 

As companies struggle with ageism,  programs like this do so much to break down the barriers of stereotypical perceptions. 

It is wonderful fully funny to see the combination of youthful optimism with the intransigence of an older man who sticks to his standards and principles. And yet is also deeply moving to see how very devoted father and son are to each other despite the brusque repartee. 

We need more content like this to show that old and young can work together, that although there can be opposing points of view,  working through them can bring the generations closer together, as well as generate respect and recognition for the attributes of all generations.