Jeremy Hunt has a three pronged plan for tackling mental health. It's probably the first plan the government has really come up with. 

There's a lot of noise about the topic, but none really gets to the heart of it all. I ran a study on mental health at university. It's the only one that surveys students to hear what they think about the issue, hear how they're suffering and ask them what they think is going wrong.

The study, which continues to be published on The Tab, won plaudits. I worked with Robin Brinkworth, who tirelessly chased and crunched the data we gathered. He's now been nominated for an award at the Mind media awards. A huge congratulations to him.

Hunt's plan seems vague but it's because they don't know the true scale of the problem. I'm not talking numbers of sufferers, but the specifics. Only by asking the people it directly affects about the problems they're facing can we truly solve the problem.