Quick thought experiment for you... Imagine the production company behind a smash hit series find out that another company is stealing their IP and using it for commercial gain. Imagine the cease and desist letter they write. Think of three words to describe the tone of the letter...





The letter that Netflix's Stranger Things legal team have put together is absolutely perfect for a bunch of reasons.

1. The lawyer 'feels' like they're representing the show and all it stands for, not just their legal interest. They are a key touch point for the brand.

2. It recognises that the company who used their IP did it because they love the series and treats them with respect.

3. It acknowledges that social media is a thing - and that even a cease and desist letter can help build the cult following.

4. It is an effective cease and desist notice.

Our lawyer clients are regularly looking for the right tone of voice to write marketing and communications content to be more engaging. This is the first time that I'm aware of that brand has been taken so much to heart within the practice of law itself.

From a brand point of view - this is gold. Every single touch point of your firm makes an impression. This one is worth a read.