Insurance is rarely something I ever think about. It only really enters my consciousness when I’m about to go on holiday. 

So I ask myself why have I spent my morning intently engaged in life insurance company AIA Singapore’s latest marketing campaign? Quite simply, it’s because of David Beckham.

AIA’s ‘What’s Your Why?’ film features the personal stories of people and their motivations for leading a healthy, active lifestyle, including why Beckham himself - while running through the streets of Bangkok - leads a healthy life.

As well as this captivating video, AIA delve further into this currently very hot trend of having a healthy lifestyle by hosting sessions across Asia later this week, showcasing how popular Asian dishes can be served in healthier ways.

It’s all part of the insurance company’s objective to change insurance from being something that’s there to protect you when you’re sick, to being there to make your life better every day.

As such, AIA have taken something quite corporate, and something many people turn a blind eye to until they need it, and tapped into the things people actually care about. Add to this, a (very attractive global) icon to tell the story and it becomes marketing gold. As a result of their ‘What’s Your Why?’ campaign, I personally have watched the video (twice), visited the AIA website to find out what the company is all about and read all about AIA’s Vitality campaign.

While this campaign highlights the power influential icons still have on boosting exposure and engagement, it also acts a reminder to all of us in the comms industry to tap into trends and think deeply about what our target audience care about first and foremost – regardless of whether we are targeting B2B or consumer audiences.