The majority of industries are currently undergoing a shake-up, and the funerals industry is no exception. 

We've been burying our dead the same way for millennia, so how could it possibly change. It's pretty simple as it is! 

However, tech firms are now exploring different ways to bring you back to life as a digital avatar. One company can analyse your entire online footprint, combine it with artificial intelligence, and create a digital version of yourself. But would your loved ones feel comfortable interacting with a digital avatar which isn't really you? Pretty eerie! 

Tech doesn't have to be this strange, and can have a positive impact on the funerals industry. With funeral costs soaring, companies such as Funeralbooker lets people compare prices of funerals across the UK. While, Boston-based Cake allows users to plan their entire end-of-life preferences, from the funeral to what happens to their Facebook Page. Meaning the onus and cost of organisation isn't necessarily on grieving.

Who knew the funeral industry needed a tech revolution?