Brand values! Now there is a phrase that sends shivers up my spine. Hours are spent creating loads of big punchy words by 'insight teams' and then lo and behold you have 'brand values'. 

Market orientation or put simply 'You are not the consumer' fizzes in the background but is mostly overridden by the 'creative brainstorm' where the needs and wants of the consumer are largely ignored in favour of the whizzy idea. 

There have been some really awful campaigns recently which seriously bombed! The British Athletics and National Lottery #represent twitter campaign being one terrible example. But you can absolutely see how it happened.

"Marketers work from the comfortable part of the spear- the pointy end is totally different"

Brand values really boils down to one thing. What makes your product or service valuable in the eyes of your customer? As a marketer have you ever stood in your customers shoes? Listened to calls centres, watched customers trying to transact on your websight? Had regular independent feedback sessions with your clients?

Maybe a bit more time spent on market orientation and less spent on creative spoof will make campaigns magnificently successful again.

I do hope so!