As those who know me will attest, I am a massive fan of Games of Thrones and was considering how I could weave a GoT story line into a blog on crisis management. And then I spotted this article which did just that!

But of more relevance to me was the phrase 'you know nothing Jon Snow' highlighting one of the key lessons we delivered in a very successful crisis training session we recently ran. The client had a good crisis manual, containing potential crisis scenarios, practical guidance and stakeholders to contact etc.  Sadly not all the management team were familiar with the document  - which is why the PR Director wanted to run through crisis situations.

Two things - a great well done to my team who created such a good scenario that if felt like a real crisis in the 'room' with people pacing up and down. And the reason for the tension was the realisation that when a crisis happens, you simply do not know all the information straight away; it comes in dribs and drabs and yet with the advent of social media, the calls come in thick and fast.

I don't necessarily agree that you cannot do a statement straight away - you can but have to just deal with what you know and update it when you have more information. Transparency and honesty are vital - speculation plays no part in crisis communications.