Last week I got an email from what I thought was a friend....they shared the same name!

Reader, I opened it!

Here is what it said...see how far you get before giving up? Please scroll down for my colleague Mark Pinnes'  brilliant translation!

Hi Diana,

We provide company and industry insights and intelligence to the some of the world’s largest PR and advertising agencies.

Our intelligence platform provides data on:

  • over 6,000 industry reports, each with a unique Porters Five forces analysis and market projection.
  • 105,000 company profiles, these contain key exec biographies, Qualitative SWOT analysis and full financials
  • A range of interactive models to measure industry, country, city and country metrics and analytics

This helps our subscribers to:

  • Gain credible, granular research to distribute to your consultants
  • Cut down research times by providing ready-made reports on industry and company analysis
  • Increase pitch to win rate of the business development team by enhancing the understand of the strategies and the network of concerns of the potential clients

I’d just like to organise a very brief presentation next week and show you some of the areas of our system that are currently being used by the likes of Name of Company

Do you have a few minutes to look at this?


Hi Diana,

I have lots of important people who answer research questions on my website, some other PR firms use it and find it helpful. Would you like to try it free for six months?


Bilge McGuff.