John Lewis of course! Slightly surprised that Amazon in in 5th place but then I am an Amazon girl.

So many companies long for the brand recognition and loyalty that John Lewis enjoys. It comes at a cost though. You have to get buy in from your staff, your suppliers and everyone who touches your brand. You have to treat all your customers like royalty, respond to negative reviews immediately and take back every mildly dented or scratched item and accept (with grace)  that the reason for the returned towels are because they are not pink but apricot blush. If you do this  you will build an army of  very powerful brand advocates.

I once dared criticise John Lewis on line and was submitted to the equivalent of a social water cannon. Retreat was swift and I removed my post.

When companies talk about values it is normally stuff that is written on a website and forgotten about. I can see John Lewis's  values in everything they do and say. Their staff training is incredible and it happens from top to bottom and is constantly being refreshed. They do things like answer the phone immediately, respond to emails and are always polite and impeccably behaved.

Can you imagine any member of John Lewis having a Trump rant?

I buy almost everything on line but I am also a John Lewis fan. So for the good stuff even though I know I can get it on Amazon there is a something about the reassuring loveliness that is John Lewis. 

Before I know it my fingers are typing 'John Lewis' in the search bar.