Well, according to a new study, it is being friends with your co-workers. But is it that surprising? That actually getting on with the people you spend more time with than your family means that you perform better at work?

It has often been said that not only does your work have to stimulate you for you to put in more effort, but also that the environment you work in has a direct impact on your career success. And having a great work environment should not just mean having a table tennis table in the middle of your office, a slide instead of stairs or even Prosecco on tap (although I for one would definitely not turn that last one down!). The people around you make up a large part of the office atmosphere and not getting on with them means that going into work every day will be even more of a struggle than the usual Monday morning misery that we all suffer. 

And this is equally true for small companies and large companies. 

Of course, I'm not saying that there won't be times where you can't stand the sight of your colleagues, or that putting your earphones in to take some time for your own thoughts is bad. It's not. We all need some time away from people - which is where taking regular holidays helps out by the way... I guess what we should take from this article is that we should put in time with our co-workers, even if at times they do things that annoy us. 

You never know, that Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday) struggle might start to not seem quite as bad.