Incredibly Donald Trump has already pre-ordered his slogan for 2020 "Keep America Great". But was it his slogan that worked or was it the way the slogan and the campaign worked together?  Trump used every trick in the book to present power and glory. He dressed for power, he bellowed with power, he used simple but powerful language to connect with the sector of the American people he was trying to reach. 

"Strong and stable" was the slogan of the recent Conservative campaign. Just two adjectives. Was it a slogan that lived through the momentum of the campaign? Or were they just words that were parroted without the behaviours that needed to go with them. What about Corbyns slogan 'For the many, not the few'?  More words with a play on the meaning.

It would be interesting to know what images, presentations and communications were chosen to represent those slogans? May wore flashes of red, which represents power and determination but most of the time it was grey or black which denotes strength and authority. Trump made his red tie his trademark and interestingly Jeremy Corbyn used the same colour combination.  

When companies or organisations decide what their vision or messaging is they often focus on the words and hours are spent debating every syllable. Less time is spent deciding how to change the way they present themselves and what behaviours they need to adopt. 

In this world of images and more images, words are starting to take second place. So slogans need to be supported by well thought out and supportive imagery and behaviour. People buy what they see and feel and slogans are just one part of that.