If there is anything that's clear from the election result, it's that the country is divided on how we should exit the EU. 

Why are we not screaming for a clearly defined cross party working group to convene on the Brexit negotiations with a defined mandate to get the best deal? 

A smaller group of Goats (Government of all the talents) - who work together to negotiate the deal on behalf of all the elected parties and the wider electorate - and separate that negotiation from the business of running the country?

I know it seems obvious - and maybe it's not the common sense approach that party politics lends itself to - but Brexit negotiations are not a first past the post situation. 

Perhaps - for example, the Lib Dems could be involved in the negotiations on climate commitments, the Labour Party could be involved in workers and human rights, the Conservatives could be involved in trade negotiations etc.

This group - as a team, could have daily conversations about how they - as a team - can match their counterparts on the other side of the European aisle. 

The issues under debate are all inter-related, of course, but this approach would ensure that all the key Brexit issues are decided in the best interests of the country - and not one party... 

Because there is no one party that this country has entrusted to do it on their own.

(And for what it is worth, I cannot understand how Jeremy Corbyn can call this election a success for Labour. They lost.)