I don't know about you, but as each day passes I find myself trying to fit more and more in. Between gym workouts and work, socialising and binge-watching TV box-sets, not to mention the endless 'do it before you miss it' London activities, there is less time to spend time refueling the tank. 

It may be because I'm due a holiday - oh yes, did I mention that California is calling?! - but the past three months have been some of the busiest and hectic I've ever experienced. And, it's not just me who has felt this way. Friends and family have reported the same, not to mention colleagues from the PR world. 

It's so easy to blame outside events when we suffer from burn out but that is just one of the reasons. We, ourselves are also at fault for our own busyness. Not taking the time to step away from our desks, put down our smart phones and block out time for simply doing nothing, means that we are causing our own exhaustion.

It's time that we make sure we keep our fires burning, and whether that means giving up when the time is right, walking for 40 miles a week or succumbing to the need for a nap, it's in our own hands. I'm sure our future selves will be thankful.