The night before you start a new job will undoubtedly hear countless thoughts run through your head. What if they decide they hired the wrong person? Will they nickname me "Trippy" if I trip up as I walk through the door? If I wear this shirt will they think I'm too casual? What if I forget how to type, spell, or even speak?!

These were all thoughts that ran through my head on the evening of Monday 6th March 2017. Thankfully I didn't trip on the Tuesday morning so my embarrassing nickname is still to be established...

While I am the type to lean towards the dramatic, I needn't have worried. The first day may be daunting but the company has hired you for a reason: they want to work with you. I had done my research on the clients and the company, and while it may be frustrating having to walk before you run, you can't be expected to know everything.

With the first day out the way, now is the time to be a sponge, set some goals and really test the theory that there is no such thing as a stupid question. 

Bring it on!