As a woman, working in an industry that is dominated by women, and working for a company which has had two strong women at the helm for many years, I could not let International Women's Day pass without comment. 

I was going to write a Passle about being brave, being true to who you are, remembering that - whatever your age - the best is always ahead.  

I was going to remind that so many of us wear our many daily roles with pride (sister, mother, daughter, carer, friend, leader, sounding board) and these bring a unique, invaluable perspective to the workplace. 

I was going to remind you to be unafraid as a woman at work, holding your own among your peers.  And, as a mother myself, to remind other mothers (or soon to be mothers) that choices might be hard, but are rarely wrong - and living the life you chose is the very best example you can give to your children.

I was going to remark on how lucky we are in Europe (even if we have a way to still go) on our equality, our opportunities and our freedom and to never ever take this for granted, or to forget this is not ubiquitous. 

I was going to say all this - but Caroline Lucas has said it so more beautifully than I.  So, I leave you with her words, and those of so many other inspirational women, and join you in celebrating women everywhere.