If you fancy a good laugh, have a look at this ad from yesterday's Times. An odd Tolkien fanatic has paid for the opportunity to declare himself the rightful heir to the throne.

Whilst this is, a) bizarre it is also b) ridiculously expensive. On the News UK site, a public notice in the Times Register, of a similar size, is currently listed at £4,500. I suppose a direct descendant to the throne has money to burn though....

For me it does raise the question. What won't papers print for money?

One of my favourite of the many surreal moments of the Brexit drama (Battle of the Thames aside) was when one guy took out his own personal ad in the Metro to question the outrageous immigration stats being flung about. So political agendas are ok? Or only if they're properly supported by ONS stats? Try as I might (in approx. 10 minutes googling) I couldn't find any guidelines for ads on the News UK site. So, beyond the obvious codes of conduct, is advertising at the discretion of the publication?