Flagship has worked within the HR/ Employment sector for many years. Our clients have included suppliers of services to HRDs such as psychometric testing, recruitment, payroll, human capital management services etc. Most of our work revolves around positioning our clients as thought leaders, showing that they understand the issues that keep HRDs awake at night.

And so we are well aware of these issues from talent attraction or retention through to diversity or wellness.  Often there is a cycle of topical subjects depending upon the economic cycle - in 2009, for example helping people exit employment in a way that did not impact upon the brand was 'hot', whilst now it is a matter of recruiting in a full employment market or managing the implications of Brexit.

But one topic does not seem to go away - and that is employee engagement - it seems to be the holy grail. As the CBI report says, an engaged workforce is better performing and more productive. Yet despite the attention this subject has received from all the experts over the years, Britain's productivity still lags behind other developed nations. We work longer hours than France and Germany and yet still productivity per head is lower.

Maybe 2017 will be the year where we crack this issue and bridge that gap between what employees really want from their employer and their employment. Or maybe the Brexit negotiations will make us realise that if we want to stand on our own two feet that we need to pull up our productivity socks!