With everyone wondering what will happen when President-elect Trump takes office, diversity and sustainability issues are front of mind.

The incoming administration could quickly withdraw the US from international climate change agreements, while many question how the changes are going to impact different social and demographic groups.

If the Trump administration fails to address certain important issues, should businesses step in to bridge the gap between the government and the society? Are we going to see a shift in what corporate responsibility means?

As always, businesses should look to engage in areas closest to their operations and values. Whether it was to eliminate discrimination and encourage diversity in the workplace, or to build a more sustainable and ethical supply chain, having your own agenda is going to be just as important as it was six months ago.

Business leaders must be ready to react. Whether this was through conversations with your employees, clients, the industry or on social media, it is imperative for businesses to work together to achieve social progress and create shared value.

While the next four years may bring policy changes, particularly for US firms, now is not the time to stand still.