Every year I look forward to the launch of the latest John Lewis Christmas advert with relish. Will they top last year?  Will it make me cry.  How will the other brands compete? 

And this year was no different; I mean what could be better than a bulldog on a trampoline?!  The celebration of women through one of Christmases unsung heroes - Mrs Claus, that's what. 

Having suffered one of the most roller coaster years in the history of the world (okay maybe a tad dramatic but you get the gist...) this year we, as consumers (and slightly beaten down humans), have been given the gift we have been yearning for by good old M&S. 

Their approach to their advert this year was spot on and, I believe, has taken the Christmas crown this year, using the power of emotional storytelling to remind us what this time of year is all about.

The celebration of the heroic women behind Christmas, blended with an emotive heartwarming story of love, ticks all the boxes and inadvertently links to one of the hot topics of the moment - women in politics. 

With Theresa May becoming PM in the UK and Hillary Clinton's run for US Presidency sparking a fresh wave of feminist support, it is no longer unusual to see women in positions of power.  And who is more powerful than the woman behind the man who brings us all cheer once a year, Mrs Claus? 

Lets hope we can end this year triumphantly praising the heroic, and unsung, work women across the globe do to keep their families safe, and happy.  Merry Christmas Mrs Claus and here's to a happy (if uncertain) New Year.