Kevin Kelly's short and brilliant essay, 1000 True Fans will take five minutes and to read and could improve your life. I recommend it wholeheartedly. 

To paraphrase, it's message is that, thanks to the internet, you only need to connect with a relatively small number of people who absolutely love what you do, and you can make a living doing those things.

My work is all about business communications. And 1000 true fans in the business world is a lot. 

I write fairly arcane stuff for people who care about authentic business communications - particularly in the professional and financial services community. I write for people who enjoy words like 'arcane' and don't get turned off by the words 'business communications,' If that's you - we're kin - and it's good to meet you.

1000 fans would probably be too much for me, but if I can inspire one marketing or brand person to communicate with a bit more heart - I'll consider it a job well done. 

If those people hire me to help them, I've got a client who's going to respect me and my work - and really, one true fan like this, is all anyone really needs.

That's why the long tail, and the True Fans message, is so powerful. It says - go ahead, be yourself, do your job, and commit to it, because your audience is out there. 

While your particular shtick might not be for everyone - if you do the thing you really want to do with passion and humility - eventually you'll find your audience, and your days will be filled with the things you like doing best.