A year ago everyone thought he was a joke. But the man stuck to his guns and his vision. "Let's make America great again...and again ...and again". And....guess what? He won.

The magic of propaganda, the forerunner of public relations or communications as it is now called, is that it works. Basically its tenet is to take 'information, especially of a biased or misleading nature and use it to promote a political cause or point of view. ' Donald has followed this rule meticulously and banged out his message time and time again. It seemed to be what the majority of Americans wanted to hear. They wanted to feel great, they wanted to feel powerful, they wanted to be successful, they wanted to be admired and most of all they wanted the great American dream. Donald Trump knew that and played the game brilliantly by appealing to those 'wants'.

Hillary on the other hand continued to spend her energy deriding and attacking Trump everything from debasing women to not filing tax returns. She used one part of the propaganda equation but not the other 'to promote a political cause or point of view'. Whilst Trump was just as vitriolic he was consistent in repeating and emphasising his campaign message. What I have learned in all my years as a communications' consultant is that if you can get people to connect emotionally it is easy to get them to follow a certain path. The worlds' leading shopping channel QVC used to promote their face creams as 'Hope in a Jar' because they knew that 'hope' was what people were buying. I searched long and hard for Clinton's "Big Message" and eventually found 'Stronger together' which doesn't really work as well. Where is the passion? Where is the vision? And most importantly where is the 'hope in a jar'?

When voters put their cross in that box did they vote with their hearts or their minds? If Brexit is anything to go by ...hearts rule. So maybe, just maybe the American people wondered if this big, loud, brash business man with his funny hair and strange rhetoric could deliver that promise of making their country truly great again. Maybe Donald Trump is America's 'Hope in a Jar' . What he clearly demonstrated is a love for his country coupled with huge passion and energy. People like that. He is also not perfect and has made some serious mistakes...and people like that vulnerability too.

We all remember Obama as he roared to the post-financial crash disillusioned people of America 'Yes, we can!' Three small but powerful words which moved not only the nation but the world. Maybe Americans were looking for someone else who can not only roar and move the nation but also stand up to the rest of the world and 'Make America Great Again?