It is important to build any PR and marketing campaign from an intelligent standpoint, understanding audiences and what turns them on - or off. And in today's omni-channel landscape this understanding is more crucial than ever before. Because unless you are targeted in your campaigns, how can you make sure that you are talking to your target audience in the space where they are most receptive?

For the travel industry in particular the path to purchase has become less certain. Consumers are influenced at every step of their decision-making process and where a multitude of channels are available, it can become all too easy to embark on a 'catch all' campaign. 

This is why The Communications Market Report 2016 from Ofcom is so useful. It enables marketers to delve deeper into communications channels to see who is responding to what, in which way, and when. Most travel and leisure brands that I know have an understanding of the audience that they are looking to grow or place more focus on, so matching this with their specific communications behaviours means that campaigns can be built in a much more strategic and targeted way; a way that will drive results and deliver impact where it is needed - bookings.