When we think of social media, our first thoughts are of connecting with friends, stalking colleagues, sharing memes or checking out the latest YouTube video that went viral. 

In our own webs of selective social media activity, the broader impacts of this tool can be forgotten. However, this article makes you stop, think and realise the capacity it holds for destruction - but also positive change. 

On the front end, influencers are using their powerful social media networks to talk about radicalisation and extremism - and counter the barrage of online extremist propaganda that is prevalent among so much of the London Muslim youth. On the back end, there is a huge surge being made by Silicon Valley business leaders to learn from Isis propaganda on a much broader scale, and counteract this barrage of influence that is reaching many. 

The article reinforces the need for social media, and its ability to act as a powerful force of change. So much of the time we forget this, but if tech groups take the initiative to tackle the jihadi initiative, we can hope that this will - over time - diminish the exposure of extremist material and the actions of social media savvy terrorist groups.