Jonathan Margolis of the FT has written an insightful piece on the demise of social media. What is noteworthy about his piece is that he refers to the 'young adult'  a student at UCL the subject of his story as 'Ms Compton'. I love it!

The article gently explores the reasons behind young people starting to withdraw from posting every aspect of their life on line. I certainly know from my children that my activity on social media is much more active than theirs. Twitter is rarely used and Facebook is a total no no with Instagram just about acceptable. My son and his friends who have small children have a policy of NEVER posting anything with photos of their offspring and I have been oredered not to post or repost without permission. who has been a tech correspondent for 30 years reckons the 'diligent Ms Compton' is onto something. Personally I think Mr Margolis is the one who deserves the plaudit. How lovely to see such a beautifully penned article where the the student in question is treated with respect by incorporating a title. Somehow it give more credibility and gravitas to the whole thing.

It is worrying that employers are using social media to pry into the backgrounds of their employees and personally I abhor that practice. Equally I would never discriminate on the basis of someones Instagram following. What is clear about Mr Margolis article is that the Ms Comptons of this world are free to just 'turn off' social media and they are!