It seems that the launch of e-commerce site is not going well - at all. And the failure of the site can only be seen to be made worse by the journalists' evident distaste for the fashion director - Yasmin Sewell.

Sewell has made the age-old mistake of failing to realise that nothing is ever 'off the record'. In an article that criticises the website's successes throughout, it comes to a crescendo in the final paragraph which leaves a bad taste in the reader's mouth. Not only does Sewell swear, she also manages to add in a criticism about the entire fashion journalism industry.

In situations where the financial health and successes of an organisation are not looking good, building an attractive corporate profile via the media is essential. This article is a reminder to us all of the importance attached to being media savvy, and what the repercussions are if organisations get over-confident in their abilities and fail to remain professional in every single media conquest they pursue.