We've all been there, in search of that perfect photo which represents exactly what we are trying to say in the way we want to say it. And usually stock photo libraries are the first place we look when building marketing collateral, company image libraries, company presentations and the like. But how often do we really looked at the photos that are on offer and think properly about whether they push the boundaries and reflect our brands in the right light? Looking at stock photos can be one of the most arduous tasks, sifting through the 'firm handshakes between businessmen' and 'happy senior couples piggybacking at the beach', and sometimes this sifting can signifiantly dampen any creative spirit that you started the process with in the first place. 

So thank you Adobe. Thank you for highlighting the hilarity of stock photos in the best way possible - through creating a limited edition collection of clothing, all of which features classic stock photography - and I ABSOLUTELY love it! This tongue-in-cheek campaign demonstrates just why we need to think differently about the images that we use and how we respond to stock imagery in general.

I'm not going to sit here and say stock photos shouldn't be used, because that would be utter madness. But, they should be used carefully and with a considered eye for what is going to bring materials and brands to life in an effective way. Whether that means, creating individual filters for stock photos so that they sit in a suite that is altered for a brand's individual look and feel, or whether they are peppered with other appealing and eye-catching imagery such as icons and bold uses of colour. There is definitely something that we can all think about here. 

Now, I'm off to track one of these jumpers down, anyone know any Adobe enterprise customers out there?