Right..brainstorm in 20 minutes...come up with some brilliant ideas! A room armed with the inevitable whiteboard and multicoloured felt tips is at the ready, Staff are wrenched away from their screens and day to day stuff and tasked to come up with inspirational, whizzy creative ideas for an hour and then slink back to their desks.

Great ideas are far and few between and most are a copy of something else. What really is important is how the ideas are linked to the business strategy. Will that idea make people take notice and engage? Take Movember for example. Great idea, grow moustache to draw attention to and raise funds for prostate cancer.  Movember has now morphed into a 'man month' for all things male from depression to  various cancers. The moustache was the brilliant 'creative' idea but the strategy behind the idea was key. 

Now it has become a catchall for men's health, building on the awareness it has created through one simple idea.

Creativity has a part to play but more important are the goals, targets and communication strategy that the organisation wants to achieve. If this thinking is not put in place first then that 'great idea' can  be catastrophic!

Here are some 'great ideas' that went wrong.

Lauuching the 'Krispy Kreme Klub'....translated into KKK

Bud Light campaign: #upForWhatever. Tagline "Removing 'no'from your vocabulary for the night"

Snapple; To make the worlds largest popsicle in the world in NYC in their new tea flavour. Before they could get it upright for the Guinness book of records to measure it, the popsicle melted. Sanitation workers spent hours trying to hose away the mess.

Yes, we need creativity but not to the exclusion of proper analysis and strategic thought which includes 'what outcome are we looking for here?'