This month is 'measurement' month in the PR calendar and there are many events and talks about how our industry should be improving the measurement and reporting of our work.

It goes without saying that unless you can show the value of your contribution, then it is of no value. But the main problem is not the lack of consultancy will to measure impact, but that clients are often unable to identify the difference we make to their business, that hampers proper measurement.

Yes, we can measure our outputs and outcomes such as coverage, messages being communicated and target audiences being reached. But we need to know more from our clients.

I want to know that what we do helps drive more than just awareness, that it drives actions such as visits to the website, attendees at an event, engagement with a prospect etc. and that it helps an organisation achieve its goals. I want us to make a difference, if not what is the point. Measurement has to be a two-way street to be fully effective.