As we all know, I love a good bit of story telling.  I love branding and content and I love content marketing.  But I also love simplicity, and clarity. With that in mind - "what he said" (the he being Mark Schaefer, the author of the excellent article below). 

In my own head I have always thought of a great marketing strategy as akin Phil Spector's  "Wall of Sound"  - a brilliant, complex, rich and thought out arrangement of music to best showcase that music wherever it may be heard.   We want harmony from our communications, we want to connect, we want to react - but sometimes we only need to hear a short riff and sometimes we need to hear the entire track.  

Lets face it, sometimes we need the entire flipping album - but not that often!

Understanding the full spectrum of marketing, and knowing that keeping things simple - even going for the quick and dirty option -  can be just as powerful a solution as rolling out a fully integrated, strategic piece of content, is the key to successful campaigns. 

And, does anyone else fancy listening to some Beach Boys whilst indulging in a hamburger?  Just me?  OK then.