Should people with pensions savings be allowed to do what they want with them? Seems a strange debate to be having?  After all these people have worked, saved, probably raised a family and contributed to society. And yet suddenly when they hit retirement they are not considered competent to make a decisions about their own retirement savings? Why?

Since pension freedoms in 2015, peoples retirement savings have become a major honey pot for all kinds of sales merchants. Everything from double glazing to conservatories is chasing the retirement pound.

Now financial services companies are arguing that retirees should not 'simply do what they want'.

Yes some people will make mistakes but generally research shows that most people are pretty prudent when it comes to their retirement pot. There still needs to be education campaigns from both the government and the financial services industry, but forcing people to take advice and telling them what they can or can't do with their own money seems a little the end of the day you can only take a horse to water...nothing can make it drink.