Given the array of insults Trump has fired at Mexicans, calling them 'rapists', 'criminals' and 'killers', it is astonishing to me that the Mexican president - Mr Pena Nieto - allowed himself to be seen remotely near Trump, let alone meeting with him and being photographed in his presence. 

Backlash against Mr Pena Nieto was already bad, but since this meeting it has been rife. I remain speechless as to how his PR team allowed this to happen. Anyone working in the profession knows very well that this is the worst move he could make. However, in instances where such a meet is inevitable, you would assume a crisis comms plan would be in place, ready to be actioned as soon as the deed was done. Yet, since their meeting on the doomed 31st August, there hasn't been any direct effort to reconcile this bad move, leaving a truly bad taste in the mouths of not just Mexicans, but people across the globe.