As the population's attention span has become shorter and shorter - jumping from app to app, and sprinting from one site to the other, the way information is presented should accommodate our fast paced lifestyle and follow suit. 

For the cooperate office worker, time is of the essence. Handling large amounts of information and meeting deadlines is key, and the convenience of easily digestible information is more important than ever. 

These days, the everyday consumer makes snap decisions on products based on the information put out into the public domain, and most of the time this information is viewed on mobile phones. Providing brands keep consumers engaged through this content, an immediate impact can often be seen, whether that is through sales or bookings, likes or referrals.

This is where the impact of an infographic can play a important role, engaging the intended target audience with lots of statics in a palatable way. Through the use of imagery and typography that's both aesthetically pleasing and informative at the same time, these graphics are a fun and convenient way for viewers to take in insightful information in a short amount of time.