This week it has been reported that British Airways has dropped the number of meals served to Economy passengers on long haul flights in a bid to save money. 

If you ask me, this is a risky move from one of the biggest forces in air travel. BA has already reduced the food offerings on it's short haul flights to much contest, and this latest revelation is sure to have even more impact on the number of customers choosing to fly BA. 

I for one have previously paid extra for my short haul flight to go with BA and receive a free in-flight snack; a little really does go a long way in the budget airline era where a cheese sandwich will set you back nearly a fiver on a Ryanair flight! Which begs the question, how many have chosen to fly long haul with BA for the level of service they will receive? 

Customers are always looking for added value and there is now an expectation of the level of service that should be experienced. As soon as a brand fails to deliver what customers see as the minimum, trust and loyalty are thrown out of the window.

So what will this mean for British Airways now? Having potentially lost passengers for short and now long haul flights, it will be interesting to see if they make a u-turn in the next few months.