Data mining has come up trumps, by providing us with some insight into Donald Trumps' tweeting behavior, which as we all know can be very divisive. 

According to a data scientist, Trump appears to send his own angry tweets from an Android phone; while the more calm, measured ones are from somebody else using an iPhone.  The analysis was prompted by a tweet that suggested that two posts, sent hours apart, had been written by different people. The data also found that Trump on the Android does a lot more tweeting in the morning, while the campaign posts from the iPhone are more in the afternoon and early evening. He also doesn't really know how to retweet, instead he manually retweets other people by copy-pasting their tweets, then surrounding them with quotation marks. All these manual retweets are posted by the android, whereas proper retweets are done by an iPhone. Tweets from the iPhone were 38 times as likely to contain either a picture or a link. Which makes sense as the iPhone (presumably run by the campaign) tends to write “announcement” tweets. While Android (Trump himself) tends to write picture-less tweets. 

In terms of language, the iPhone tweets use a lot more hashtags, while almost no tweets from Trump’s Android contain hashtags. Words like “join” and “tomorrow”, and times like “7pm”, also came only from the iPhone, while emotionally charged words like “badly”, “crazy”, “weak”, and “dumb”, were overwhelmingly more common on Android. 

What's really scary is that by using sentiment analysis, the data shows Trump’s Android account uses about 40-80% more words related to disgust, sadness, fear, anger, and other “negative” sentiments than the iPhone account does. Trump has a massive twitter following, and he's using it to create the agenda for which he stands. He's instilling fear in the American people through Twitter, fear that is not based on statistics but meaningless sound bites. Crime isn't going up it's statistically going down. More Americans are likely to be struck by lightning than killed in a terrorist attack. Can we blame twitter for the rise of Trump? Would he have as big of a following if it wasn't for Twitter, and the media reporting on every tweet? Twitter has been a force for good, but is this an example where it's being used as a force for evil? 

Unfortunately fear always trumps fact.