It seems like all I am writing about these days is TV adverts...I promise this isn't because I just sit watching TV every evening (cough....cough...), it just so happens that the humble advert has become much more than just an advert.

Anyway,I came across IKEA's latest advert online today and thought it worthy of comment. In my opinion IKEA is pretty good at advertising and keeping their messages clear...and of course we all remember that bed springs advert - who could forget that?! Yet, I have to admit that I'm on the fence with this one. 

On the one hand it takes the - now everyday - occurrence of food Instagram-ing and turns it on its head to show just how obsessed we have become, instead urging us to relax and enjoy meal times together - in your IKEA kitchen of course. But on the other, I'm not too sure it really sells is the merits of an IKEA kitchen. What makes an IKEA kitchen different and why would being in an IKEA kitchen stop you from conducting a photo shoot with your meal. 

Is it just me or are brands trying to make us think we're not watching adverts when really we are?

But, wait, hold the phone. Maybe this was the objective after all; to get people talking about the advert and therefore remembering the brand over the products. In which case, it looks like I've fallen for it. Hook, line and sinker.