Is this Hilary Clinton's best endorsement yet? The Simpsons has released a clip showing Marge & Homer watching a campaign ad, where the viewer is asked if they would rather have Hilary or the Donald respond to a crisis at 3am. A clever parody of a campaign Hillary once ran in 2008 that showed a phone ringing at 3am, asking who the voters wanted leading their country when the serious sh*t goes down. In the clip Clinton gets off easy, Trump, though? Not so much. From the tone of Hitler speeches on his bed to the dog on his head (and the photo of his sons’ safari adventure on his wall), the GOP candidate gets the full brunt of the show’s poison pen.

The Simpsons has never shied away from political issues, less common, though, is getting involved with an in-progress presidential race. This is another sign of how desperate the American people are becoming as Trump starts to pull ahead in the polls. Only recently did he request a foreign government (Russia) to hack his enemies (The DNC), and there are possible links to Putin, as a video has surfaced of him bragging about receiving gifts from the Russian president. Eerily enough a 2000 episode, entitled "Bart to the Future",  predicted a world in which Donald Trump became president of the United States, expressly intended as a "vision of America going insane". 

Unfortunately, nothing sticks to Trump and I'm sure his communications team will somehow turn this into another victory. The more the media attacks the Donald, the stronger he becomes. 

Watch the video here: