When it comes to the Olympic and Paralympic Games,I can't surely be the only one who feels that the lead up to Rio has been rather underwhelming. In fact, if I'm completely honest, if you asked me a couple of weeks ago when the Games actually begin, i don't think i would have been able to tell you. 

Now, this may well be down to the concerns over the Zika Virus or it may also be in part a result of the tidal wave of horrid world events and subsequent bad news stories that we have suffered the past couple of months. But in my opinion we are crying out for something good to talk about, something to unite over and something to feel good about. In the current uncertainty we need something to be part of. 

Channel 4 has really stepped up to the plate. It's advert - "We're the superhumans" - for the Paralympics in Rio is a triumph. Not only do they draw eyes to the Paralympics in a totally new and exciting way, but the sequences are empowering and inspiring. It grabs attention and it's message is clear - do not underestimate anyone. It has feel good factor and it highlights the athletic prowess that is on show during the Games. "We're the superhumans" is the perfect starting gun to Rio and i for one am now excited.