Dave Trott is one of the advertising world's great creative writers and is responsible for some infamous tag lines like "lipsmackingthristquenching" for Pepsi or "Gertcha" sung by Chas and Dave for Courage beers.

Here he tells the story about the invention of the ploughman's lunch, yes - the invention of what we all thought was a traditional pub meal of cheese and bread accompanied by a pint of ale. But what I love about this piece in Campaign is the way he tells the story. It is poetic, rhythmic and engaging. It not only paints a picture but leaves you with the taste in your mouth of the cheddar cheese, the wholesome bread and the beer.

Above all it is a story about story telling and a lesson for us all!

The Milk Marketing Board’s agency was J Walter Thompson. 

Between them, they decided they had to make it the perfect partner for a pint of beer. 

So they reinvented the past. 

They repackaged a chunk of bread and cheese and a pint of beer as the ploughman’s lunch. 

The traditional farmer’s meal.

Then it didn’t seem dull, unappetising and boring any more. 

As far as anyone knew, it was part of the countryside tradition. 

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