The Prime Minister has said that we will spend the next few months developing our negotiation strategy for Brexit negotiations. 

This is the right thing to do, as it allows the binary 'in/out' decision to become more nuanced.

For Business, there needs to be an urgent consultation, with a focus on those businesses which have the greatest interaction with Europe, to find out what they most want. And it can't start soon enough. 

Importantly, businesses from outside of London should start to have more of a say, too. The London/ Everywhere Else split shown in the referendum voting points to a perceived inequality which is more asymmetric than ever before.

Our own selfish perspective as a transatlantic communications consultancy is clear; the devaluation of the pound makes Britain a great place to run international campaigns from - we're already seeing some of the benefits of that. 

But that said, our business is so much about our team, and as one European colleague in our London office said recently; "If Britain doesn't want me - I can go elsewhere." 

I understand that unchecked freedom of movement is undesirable for many - but making it easy for talented, valuable people to work, earn, and contribute here is too valuable to risk. And it's not just about the 'points system' - it's also about the tone of the message. UK has to feel like a warm and welcoming place for international people to want to thrive; as it has always been.

In the next few months, here in our own country, can set the tone for our relationship with Europe and the wider world. It's time to listen to our people, and have the great British optimism come back into our public debate.

I, for one, am excited about what the future holds.